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All carriers must have an active carrier authority and must be current on their insurance. M&G Truck Brokerage requires Both Liability ($1,000,000) and Cargo ($100,000) insurance coverage and must be listed as a Certificate Holder.

Carriers are responsible for the condition, weight, temperature and carton counts of any load they pick up for M&G.

All loads must be visually inspected, verified for product count, and product secured.

It is the Carriers responsibility to maintain their equipment in proper working

Any damages or shortages incurred due to the driver's negligence will be the sole responsibility of the carrier.

Drivers must call in every morning before 10AM or may be fined up to $150 per day.

Carriers are required to deliver to their consignee according to shipper instructions on bill of lading or the dispatchers instructions on destinations, temperature, and delivery times.

Cash advances will be given only after the dispatcher has verified the truck is loaded.

M&G Truck Brokerage