M&G Truck Brokerage history

M & G Truck Brokerage was established in 1985 to facilitate a need for quality transportation services. Frank Gonzales, founder of Texana Pickle Producers, knew the key to his future success was to partner with the transportation industry. He turned to Robert Mora, an established and respected truck broker in the Rio Grande Valley, and in 1985, M & G Truck Brokerage began brokering freight throughout the nation.

In 1986, Jim Phillips, a Vietnam Veteran who had worked for large corporations, as well having several successful personal business ventures was offered an investment opportunity in M&G. Mr. Phillips brought to the company his corporate expertise as well as his outstanding salesmanship. It is through their efforts that M & G built a foundation of value and customer service, as well as shipper and trucker loyalty.

Mr. Mora retired in August of 1992 and sold his interest to Mr. Phillips and the Gonzales Family. In honor of Mr. Mora’s efforts and the strong brand recognition created during his time at M&G, it was decided a change in the company name was not necessary. Mr. Phillips continues to run the company and the Gonzales Family play an active role in M & G’s direction.

M & G has earned an excellent reputation over the years – as noted by Blue Book, Red Book, & Dun & Bradstreet which indicate good credit appraisal and strong financial position.